WordPress Website Maintenance

For Peace-of-Mind

Maintaining your WordPress website is extremely important. You cannot afford to have your website down, for there to be conflicts, or for there to be any issues that might impact the user experience.

Taking Care of Your Website

Maintenance Solutions for WordPress

Keeping your website up-to-date is important for security reasons and to keep it running smoothly for your visitors. But, you are running your business and taking care of your customers. You may not have time or may not remember to perform updates on a regular basis.

We would be happy to take these tasks off your hands so you can:

  • Focus on running and growing your business
  • Not have to worry about your website going down
  • Depend on your website providing the best experience possible for your visitors

Weekly Updates

We will make sure the following items are up-to-date:

  1. Your WordPress version
  2. Your theme
  3. All your plugins
  4. Your PHP version (Your host takes care of this. We will alert you if your PHP version needs to be updated.)

Here is a list of additional items we will manage as part of your Peace-of-Mind Maintenance Plan:

  1. Backups: Make sure your Database and Complete website backups are happening on a regular basis.
  2. Security: We will install and monitor a security plugin if you don’t already have one. This plugin can help keep your WordPress site secure against daily threats, malicious code, malware infections, brute force attacks, and other vulnerabilities.
  3. Users: We will keep an eye on your Users and alert you about suspicious activity.
  4. Forms: We will test your website forms.
  5. Stats: We will review your statistic programs to make sure they are still collecting data.
  6. Extraneous Plugins: We will remove plugins that your website is not using. Over time, they can become a security risk and can slow down your website.

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